About Me

  • Self Improvement75%
  • Self Discipline60%
  • Self Worth65%

Well You Guessed it, My Name is Joe Pimentel and yep this is my blog. This is my life Story and my life experiences

this is me and my own experience, and my own journey to bettering myself. my own journey to becoming the better version of myself.

now, this is not without saying that, I myself have gone through a lot of struggles and ups and downs. but from what I’ve learned was this, it made me stronger as an individual.

I will honestly say this, my EX-was a big inspirational person to me and made me open my own eyes, to wanting to become a better person in my own life.

so here is the reason why I started this site, well I figure that perhaps my own life experience would help out others like me, and we all could have some common ground to help one another.