Lets all look into the word Honesty for a moment here, Here is a few examples.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines honesty as “the quality of being honest”. Honest is, in turn, defined as “Free of deceit; truthful and sincere…Morally correct or virtuous…(attributive) Fairly earned, especially through hard work…(of an action) done with good intentions even if unsuccessful or misguided…(attributive) Simple, unpretentious, and unsophisticated.


Your Dictionary The definition of honesty is the quality of being truthful.

An example of honesty is telling the truth even after doing something wrong
Wikipedia defines honesty as Honesty refers to a facet of moral character and connotes positive and virtuousattributes such as integrity, truthfulness, straightforwardness, including straightforwardness of conduct, along with the absence of lying, cheating, theft, etc. Honesty also involves being trustworthy, loyal, fair, and sincere.
Urban Dictionary defines honesty as honesty An amazing person. A truthful person. A person with good taste. A beautiful person. A smart person. A person that is smart and has good style. A person who smiles a lot and loves to laugh and have a great time. A kind person but has an attitude when needed.
Honesty has pretty smile…

its intresting to see how many versions all add up to be the same, now i have to admit i might fall short on this a little back then.

there was things i was not 100% honest with and there was many things i was 100% honest with.

but there is no question that the bad is what everyone remembers and learns from.

So where dose one start!

Well one way would be for me to be honest with my self, and with others now and such, being honest with my self first would be the best for healing my broken heart.

Yes i have a broken heart, cause it was me that let the other person down.

but my broken heart is not the story here, its about one’s honesty and self respect, its kinda hard to build your self up and gain your own self respect. if you find your self not loving your self, i think over years of not really loving myself, i kinda stoped really loving others around me. for example Relationships,

Self love is the belief you hold that you are a valuable and worthy person. An example of self love is when you have a positive view of yourself and are confident in yourself and your place in the world.


So with seeing that example of self love, i felt like i wasn’t confident with my self and felt unworthy. perhaps this is where my whole out look on relationship went in a downward crash.

I always had confidence in meeting new people, but i don’t really think i had that much confidence in my self. And with that i think i was on a self destructive  path in my own life, the loss of self love and self respect towards my self. And in return hurt those in my life that i thought i cared about and loved. But i think there was only one i really truly loved and card about and, I feel those as i hurt the most.

pride and confidence in oneself; a feeling that one is behaving with honor and dignity.
 when i reflect back and think about things in my life and in my last relationship i was still in unhappy with my self and in my life. i was unworthy of things and in a self destructive path.

We can’t just choose to be happy, but we can choose to be kind to ourselves when we’re sad. Pain passes more quickly when we don’t berate ourselves for feeling it.

Lori Deschene


Nows some time has passed and ive began to to accept my new path that i so want and crave in my life, the feeling so this new found of self respect and self love. mind you Im in my training wheels on this whole new thing. But this is a new and better version of my self

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  1. Ashley November 18, 2017 at 6:04 pm - Reply

    Kudos. Self growth, realization and appreciation are huge! The cliché saying of you must love yourself before others….. Rings true always.

    You have to be ok with you in order to open up and truly believe that you are worthy of any good in your life.

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