New Beginnings

//New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Well as I’ve stressed and struggled, I’ve kept an positive feeling and attitude. I knew this was the best course of action, My heart and mind told me that that this was the best action.

My time in a new place and to start to have a new fresh start has been a stressful struggle. But now I’ve found, my direction and starting my new life.

This new beginning started with me, and me alone.

I know I have to push through and move on and be happy with my self and love my self.

Loving ones self is going to be a journey, a long road ahead of my self. But I’m more then determined to pursue this course of action. This type of action will be tough but it can be done.

I’ve already made some achievements and acknowledgements in my life this far, and I feel like I’m on the right path.

Being in a new place and having better direction now in my life is very rewarding, it’s dose how ever become stressful at times. But all I do is focus on the positive that I see in front of me and be happy with my self. Day by day

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Winnipeg, Manitoba Born and Lived in Calgary, Alberta.
Now Living In Halifax, Nova Scotia.
A Journeyman Plumber and Avid Blogger And vlogger.
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