Better Version Of My Self

//Better Version Of My Self

Better Version Of My Self

It’s been months and months since well my ex and I broke up, and that was all on me.

As this time went by and as I learned more about my self, I’ve leaned that I was unhappy with me and my life, i found that being where I was over the years was really now longer making me happy. In away I was making me miserable and depressed. Working the same type of job and not knowing if I was going to have a job longer then 6 months.

So over the past 15 years being in the same place really got to me and made me unhappy with my life. In with in those years I now reflect back and see where things might have went wrong.

Perhaps the fact that my career was part of the problem or perhaps that I was to involve in working so much that I forgot how to have a life and fun ?

These are many questions that I look back on and think, I know that I was so self involved in the relationship that I forgot about my friends and lost most of them.

Well now I’m taking all this time to focus on what I want, learn who the type of person I am and who the person I wanna become.

I figure meeting new and interesting people in a new place, is a great way to find that better version of my self, that I’ve been looking for.

I’m seeking answers with in my self to better my self and to learn to be more happier withmy self and be more productive and positive.

But as the days go by and as I continue to work on my self, all I can do is to focus and move forward and move on to be happy.

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