Losing Some One Dearly to Me

//Losing Some One Dearly to Me

Losing Some One Dearly to Me

Well as i write this today, I struggle with the tears. I believe I’ve lost one of the most incredible and inspirational person to me, this person was my inspiration to become a better version of my self. And yes this was my EX of Over nine years.

It’s been a while since we both talked, and I’ve just kept my distance cause well she needed to live her life.

What hurts me the most is that, we had over nine years together as individuals.

And there is many years of history, our ups and downs.

The ups and downs are mostly my fault, I was as I realize that I was not so much a kind loving person in the relationship.

So as the months go by and trying to find my self worth in my life.

So the reason why I write this now, is simple i miss my best friend. Yes she may be my ex of long length of them. But she is my biggest inspiration to become a better version of my self.

Well perhaps more time away from one another and more time focusing on my well being will be the key.

Is been months and miles away from one another to make the decision that I’m facing now.

I just wish she could see how much of an impact she had on me in my life now.

One of these days things will look up and we can all look back and smile and be happy and feel cared for.

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