It’s 4:30 AM

//It’s 4:30 AM

It’s 4:30 AM

Well it’s 4:30AM and well cant sleep, there is a few things going through my mind, kinda wishing my best friend that means the world to me would message me and ask how I’m doing.

I miss her dearly cause she means the world to me. I just wish she would just realize that and accept that I still care about her.

I’ve gone through some very good changes in my life for the better to become the better version of my self, it’s been a struggle that’s for sure. I’m fighting with my own demons everyday.

But I’m winning this battle, cause I’m stronger now and happier with my self.

I got myself on track and and slowly rebuilding myself.

I know I have a long road ahead of myself, since everything is now new in my life and it’s for the good.

Now I have to take one day at a time and live happy and strong in my life, I just wish my best friend would be there and chat and see a better version of me and be happy knowing that she gave me the strength to finding a better version of myself.

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