Learning To Accept My Responsibility’s

//Learning To Accept My Responsibility’s

Learning To Accept My Responsibility’s

Just as the title says, it’s a hard part I’ve found with my self, but I sat down one day and made a list of all my faults and wrongs I’ve done.

The list is long and was kinda sad to see it all in front of me, but I started to tell my self

“ I Accept My Responsibility’s “

And as days turn into weeks and weeks turned into months. I’ve found my self really learning to Accept everything in my life and being truly free of all my pain and hurt in my life.

The paid or hurt that I put on others or pain I’ve put on myself.

This seems to be Very hard and touchy subject, even to my self.

But what I’ve noticed is that getting it out there and off my chest, is by far more rewarding then anything.

I believe now I’m more focused and determined to being s better version of my self and learn to love myself.

There has been a lot of books and hard work that opened my eyes and made me a more happier person of my self.

Well I hope with all my stories i write and such enriches some ones life and passes it on to the next.

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