Better Version Of My Self

//Better Version Of My Self

Better Version Of My Self

It’s been months and months since well my ex and I broke up, and that was all on me.

As this time went by and as I learned more about my self, I’ve leaned that I was unhappy with me and my life, I handed me and all. Was unhappy with the way I looked and felt.

I think I more or less just put on a front and Hid behind all of that.

So as I’ve learned more about me and who I am as a man, i find my self becoming stronger about my self. More happy with my self. And I’m more honest with my self. I also find that I’m not stressed or depressed.

It’s kinda of a wonderful feeling, being able to be happy with my self. Perhaps me moving to Nova Scotia was the best this for me, seeing the ocean and finding peace with my self. Being able to take a hike and be one with nature. Is sense of freedom and clarity and joy.

Now I know this those and it’s really upsetting that the one special person to me gave me drive and inspiration to become a better man. Doesn’t see it. When others do.

Well I’m sure at some point I can tell them to there face and say thank you, I love this person cause if this reason.

I just wish there will be a time in there heart and accept this all from me and such.

As ever day goes by I keep my self positive and happy, no stress.

I keep a routine and eat clean and healthy. I frequently go to the gym and lose my self there. Starting yoga helps as well.

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