My Favourite Books Ive Read

//My Favourite Books Ive Read

My Favourite Books Ive Read

Well Ive Been Doing a lot of soul Searching and I’ve come a cross a few great books that I’ve really enjoyed.

when i started reading these books my mind and thoughts opened up, and made me realize that i can do better and become better. Ive allowed myself to open up my mind and heart, to a vast glory of knowledge and will power to move forward.

The funny thing i hear is ” Knowledge is Power ” that funny little quote that we all know and here, well its a true one.

My Very first book was ” The Slight Edge: Turning Simple Disciplines into Massive Success and Happiness ” By Jeff Olson

this was a great book and helped me and made open my eyes, this book was recommend by my EX (the one that got away)

and well as it did open up my eyes on all types of possible things in life

Well i hope this helps others out there as it has helped me, over come things and allowed me to open my mind and focus on bigger and better things.

These are other great books I’ve been continuing to read and look back on every now and again






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