Day 2 ( Thinking)

//Day 2 ( Thinking)

Day 2 ( Thinking)

Well and other day, so this day is like any other day, but with this day we take a moment and start to think.

Well I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and realizing that as time goes by and people say that they wanna be your friend even after the hard times. And they show no interest or intentions, one may think to just remove them out of your life.

Well one person is a Big influence

and inspiration to me and is a big part on why Im wanting to focus on becoming a better version of my self. They looked at me one day and said;

” Your An Amazing Man and a Good Person ”

these words still stick to me every day to push my self and become the man i once was, and yet a better version of my self.

So ill say to you this, Think about what it is your wanting to achieve and drive your self to the goals you set forth, the new journey awaits you on the other end of your own path

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